Manage Expectations

A common challenge, and yet often overlooked, with small or large scaled Product Releases is managing internal and external Stakeholder Expectations. So today we are providing 2 tips to improve your ability to manage those Expectations:

Communicate Often – PMI suggests that the leader of a project should spend 90% of their time on communication with their stakeholders! We tend to agree…

Communicate Early – Informing your stakeholders of potential risk, dates sliding, or roadblocks will afford them to the opportunity to offer solutions to help mitigate the risk as well as managing any market expectation around a release date

Here’s a Pro-Tip: Communicate Honestly – Be transparency! Create roadmaps and project schedules that are internal and external facing. This allows both the internal teams and your client to feel engaged in the process and more important – helps reduce your stakeholders being caught off guard by a series of “unexpected delays”!

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