Know your audience

A common challenge that we see with some of our clients is – when soliciting feedback on a Product or Service they are often asking questions to the wrong Audience.  Naturally, that leads  to missing the mark on getting the relevant feedback you need to take your product or service to the next level.  Here are a few tips to ensure you frame your questions correctly – to the correct Audience:


For Executives (Strategic Thinkers) – Your executives are more big picture thinkers and we’ve found this question allows them to freely give their pain points more openly –  “What keeps you up at night”?  This question enables them to address the question more globally than attempting to hone in on a specific feature. 


To End Users (Tactical Thinkers) – Specificity is key here and more important is making it relatable to their role.  Asking questions such as -“How might we improve this “feature/service” to help you be more effective in your role”.  The end user will light up and give you insight that otherwise would have been overlooked. 


Here’s a Pro-Tip:

Use these two follow-up questions to probe a bit further  – “Can you give me an example” or “Why” –  This will allow the client to expand upon their idea, which often leads to valuable insights!

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