Enrich Sales Enablement

We all know the basics of Sales Enablement – provide the sales folk with right materials, tools, and resources so they need to convert leads, close more deals and drive revenue for your business.

 However, we have uncovered that a number of clients still struggle removing the roadblocks between the Product/Marketing folks and the Sales team. We have also found that when Product and Marketing teams incorporate these 3 strategies, it improves the Sales Enablement: 

  1. Engagement – We highly recommend going to prospect meetings, listening in on a cold call, or joining the pitch meeting with your Sales team. This gives you first hand experience with the challenges your Sales Team face
  2. Collaboration – Create monthly touchpoints with your Sales team, and depending on the size of our Sales organization– create a weekly 15-min touch point meeting to get their feedback on what they are seeing/hearing in the market.
    1. Pro-tip – Because your Sales folks are interacting with prospects on a daily basis they will often see trends and market pain points before you do. Their insight will provide valuable insight as you consider new features for your product.
  3. Empathy – Seeing the world from their point of view will give some understanding of the data points they need to drive business, but just as important – you will start to understand that you are on the same team.  

Engagement, Collaboration, and Empathy – the key strategies to improving your Sales Enablement!

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