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Will Your Healthcare IT Company Be Prepared to Meet a Radically New Tomorrow?


Will Your Healthcare IT Company Be Prepared to Meet a Radically New Tomorrow? Healthcare technology companies must soon decide how to address an industry increasingly demanding a more market driven approach. According to Healthcare IT News, consumerism is one of the top interoperability trends of 2020. The rise of consumerism requires a hard look at how planned obsolescence and platform modernization fits into product roadmaps. With so many healthcare companies using platforms built for business approaches that may be decades old, are healthcare technology companies prepared to keep up with the increasing rate of change demanded by a new generation of leaders, purchasers and patients alike? Consumerism in the healthcare industry is happening and is perhaps inevitable to stem rising demands to lower costs and provide patient-centric care. Without a significant upgrade that implements a modern healthcare technology stack (an upgrade that is a critical step towards interoperability), it will be increasingly more difficult for some to keep up with [...]

Will Your Healthcare IT Company Be Prepared to Meet a Radically New Tomorrow?2020-06-11T16:16:06+00:00

Year End Retrospectives


Year End Retrospectives As we quickly approach the end of the year, this is a great time to begin your “End of Year Retrospective” with your Client and your team! The Retrospective is a time to reflect, create a space for feedback, and an opportunity to improve on items for your client and teams going forward! At metafour, we ask 4 Questions in our retrospectives instead of the typical 3 questions. This prompts the participants to provide more thoughtful feedback.  Try these in your next retrospective: What did you like? What was missing? What did you discover? What do we incorporate to add more value! Here is Pro-Tip: Have a broad invitation! That’s correct, Invite Everyone! This allows you to get a broad perspective and gain more feedback…. Learn to embrace feedback!

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Enrich Sales Enablement


Enrich Sales Enablement We all know the basics of Sales Enablement – provide the sales folk with right materials, tools, and resources so they need to convert leads, close more deals and drive revenue for your business.  However, we have uncovered that a number of clients still struggle removing the roadblocks between the Product/Marketing folks and the Sales team. We have also found that when Product and Marketing teams incorporate these 3 strategies, it improves the Sales Enablement:  Engagement – We highly recommend going to prospect meetings, listening in on a cold call, or joining the pitch meeting with your Sales team. This gives you first hand experience with the challenges your Sales Team face Collaboration – Create monthly touchpoints with your Sales team, and depending on the size of our Sales organization– create a weekly 15-min touch point meeting to get their feedback on what they are seeing/hearing in the market. Pro-tip – Because your Sales folks [...]

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Asking the Right Questions


A common challenge that we see in Product Management is getting answers that will aid you in developing a new feature set, feature, and the next generation product.   For example, let’s say your Goal is to - Learn what new features/services to add to your existing product or service mix, you may ask: What is it about the product you don’t like? Framing the question this way limits the feedback the client will provide.  However, if you ask the in the affirmative you have a better chance of getting a more thorough response from your client.   Let’s rephrase the question:  How might we improve the existing product to make your job easier, better, and to make you more efficient?   An easy switch like that can make all the difference in identifying solutions that will be impactful for your client!

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Know your audience


Know your audience A common challenge that we see with some of our clients is – when soliciting feedback on a Product or Service they are often asking questions to the wrong Audience.  Naturally, that leads  to missing the mark on getting the relevant feedback you need to take your product or service to the next level.  Here are a few tips to ensure you frame your questions correctly - to the correct Audience:   For Executives (Strategic Thinkers) – Your executives are more big picture thinkers and we’ve found this question allows them to freely give their pain points more openly -  “What keeps you up at night”?  This question enables them to address the question more globally than attempting to hone in on a specific feature.    To End Users (Tactical Thinkers) – Specificity is key here and more important is making it relatable to their role.  Asking questions such as -“How might we improve this “feature/service” to [...]

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Manage Expectations


Manage Expectations A common challenge, and yet often overlooked, with small or large scaled Product Releases is managing internal and external Stakeholder Expectations. So today we are providing 2 tips to improve your ability to manage those Expectations: Communicate Often – PMI suggests that the leader of a project should spend 90% of their time on communication with their stakeholders! We tend to agree… Communicate Early – Informing your stakeholders of potential risk, dates sliding, or roadblocks will afford them to the opportunity to offer solutions to help mitigate the risk as well as managing any market expectation around a release date Here’s a Pro-Tip: Communicate Honestly – Be transparency! Create roadmaps and project schedules that are internal and external facing. This allows both the internal teams and your client to feel engaged in the process and more important – helps reduce your stakeholders being caught off guard by a series of “unexpected delays”!

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